Updating subclipse

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Graham Whaley writes: On a similar vein to the LOGIC little logic analyser, I surveyed the market for small cheap units a few years back, and we decided on the from Intronix It is a 34 channel logic analyser that uses time compression to store samples in its rather small buffer, so if you have a slow moving signal you can get quite long traces.It will also go up to 200MHz external clocked, or 500MHz internally clocked.

The cool thing about it is that it provides complex triggering, and directly decodes CAN, I2C, SPI, and RS232 data streams.

The whole thing easily fits in a pocket, which is hard to beat for on-the-go or cluttered bench jobs.

From Tom Le Mense: Here are my comments regarding the USB logic analyzer.

I have one of the original DSO Nano scopes and find it quite useful.

The V2 is a wholly reworked version and includes a signal generator.

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